〔Sweden VERSO〕N°7 SUPER FACIAL OIL (4×7.5 MLl)

$1,530.00 $1,377.00


Verso Super Facial Oil is a penetrating and nourishing facial oil that contains Retinol 8 for a fresh, glowing skin. It is formulated with fewer ingredients, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin.

– Promote the number of collagen self-proliferation, effectively reduce the fine lines, wrinkles and stains, reverse the signs of aging, the skin more young and full
– Contains moisturizing and moisturizing effect, can make the skin more water and tender.
– Effective for: due to daily life, ultraviolet radiation damage caused by skin inflammation.

– After cleansing, apply to the skin’s whole face and neck, gently massage to absorb.
– After use, can be coated with Verso 3 Night Cream, the effect is better.
– It is advisable to use the product at night to achieve better results.

〔瑞典 VERSO〕N°7 面部精華油 (4×7.5 ML)

$1,530.00 $1,377.00

Verso超級面部油是透明和滋潤的面部油,含有Retinol 8,用於新鮮發光的皮膚。它配製成分較少,使其特別適合敏感肌膚。

– 促進膠原蛋白的自我增生數量,有效減少細紋、皺紋和色斑,扭轉衰老的跡象。
– 含有保濕滋潤功效,可令肌膚更加水嫩彈緻。
– 有效針對:因受日常生活、紫外線照射傷害所產生的皮膚炎症。

– 潔面後,塗抹於皮膚全臉和頸部,輕輕按摩至吸收。
– 使用後,可再塗上Verso 3 Night Cream,效果更佳。
– 建議於晚上使用產品,可達至更佳效果。